Friday, 8 June 2012

SPECIAL REPORT - Does The Greek Media Suffer From Stockholm Syndrome Or Is It Just Bias?

I really do not understand what kind of country we live in. And I certainly do not understand the Greek mainstream media. On Thursday they dedicated most of the day in covering a story about a "slap" forgetting that our cancer patients do not have their medicines, forgetting the sudden rise in homeless persons, the tens of thousands of senior citizens who look into rubbish bins for food and they certainly forgot (or rather covered up) the statements by Turkish authorities who slammed Greece and its economy. Throughout the whole day the only thing we heard was shameless venomous rhetoric from journalists who have now taken the role of judges, jury, psychologists and lawyers.

Are these people deranged or are they suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?  Probably answer no. 2 because it’s easier to understand why they continually support and even defend the real abusers of democracy.

When leftists supported and defended violence in their speeches (and still do at times on the streets) I did not hear the Greek media making a big fuss about it.

When SYRIZA and other leftist organizations marched in Agios Panteleimonas in support to illegal immigrants and then clashed with police at the threshold of our churches... the Greek media did not speak.

When several people died at Marfin bank from the hands of leftist anarchists (one of which was pregnant woman), the Greek media did not speak.

When the children of certain members of SYRIZA were arrested for armed robbery, the Greek media did not speak.

When bombs exploded across Athens several years ago, and gunmen were firing machine guns at television studios from leftist anarchists the Greek media did not speak.

When leftist anarchists threw Molotov bombs all over Athens and burned down historical buildings several months ago the Greek media did not speak.

When leftist anarchists sprayed and vandalized ancient artifacts, buildings and walkways, the Greek media did not speak.

When SYRIZA's youth marched in support to FYROM against Greece, the Greek media did not speak.

And when the Left ran to support illegal immigrants who seized our public universities, the Greek media did not speak but rather gave them a mansion to make their strike even "more comfortable".

And what is worse, the Greek media broadcasted philosophical definitions of the word violence... making it friendlier on the ear in order to justify the horrific violence we were all enduring as a society by these Left groups

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