Thursday, 7 June 2012

Animal Welfare Society Posts Pics Of Brutal Killings Of Dogs By Illegal Immigrants

shocking pictures!

On June 1st hellasfrappe featured a story by the Hellenic Animal Welfare Society which had submitted a petition to the Athens Prosecution calling for its immediate intervention to end the brutal killings of stray animals in the center of Athens by illegal immigrants. Reports in Athens said that  the Greek Animal Welfare Society believed that the illegal immigrants were killing and selling the meat from stray animals for consumption. But suspecting is one thing... and actually seeing operational slaughter houses is another!

Officials could not believe their eyes when the Welfare Society exposed photographs from the center of Athens showing how illegal immigrants converted some downtown Athens buildings into slaughter houses and are openly selling dog meat. (Especially in the area of Metaksourgeio).

A report on the military news site defencenet which featured the picture above and the story said on Thursday that aside from the strays, most of the residents in the area are now complaining that their pets are starting to disappear as well.

Meanwhile, the "Dimokratia" newspaper reported that most of the political parties have been briefed on this but as of yet there has been no concrete reaction.

Aside from the potential fatal dangers of vitamin poisoning (from the consumption of dog or cat meat) officials are now worried about the transmission of rabies to humans.

Editor's Note - We want to hear what the so called progressive parties have to say about this who continually support these illegal immigrants. And yes... we are referring to SYRIZA, PASOK, the Communist Party and the Democratic Left party.  This is murder.


  1. this is absolutely discusting and is a dare these people do this to ANY anomal.i am sooo angry and would love to get my hands on these people.this must stop.leave these dogs alone-you are sick discusting people and I wish you nothing but a miserable life.god bless these poor forsaken animals.noone hAS THE RIGHT TO DO THIS and this must stop but being they are animals-it will take forever before anyone does anything about it-and that's the crime.i cry for these dogs and my heart breaks.

  2. This is sick. Beating and slaughtering stray animals that people dump on the streets. But we just can't sit here and say "Aww that's really sad..." Cause if we don't do anything, who will? Even donating some money or some toys to your local animal shelters helps.

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