Tuesday, 13 March 2012

“We Are All Greeks” Movement Travels To Sydney

After Europe and the USA, the solidarity movement “We are all Greeks” is now travelling to Australia. The Executive Committee of the movement has already launched an invitation to the Greek community of Sydney to attend its first open meeting on Australian grounds on March 15 at 7pm, at the Club of the Greek Orthodox Community of NSW, Lakemba.According to the relevant announcement, the initiative aims at informing the Greek and broader Australian public on the real features of the Greek debt crisis, expressing solidarity towards the Greek people, who are suffering under the burdens of austerity, and reshaping the current Australian media’s attitude, which cultivates discriminating stereotypes against the Greeks and presents them as the main cause of the crisis.

All major bodies of the Greek-Australian community, as well as associations, brotherhoods and individuals sharing Philhellenic sentiments, are invited to join the meeting and make their own suggestions on how to strengthen the dynamics of the campaign with future planned activities.

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