Thursday, 8 March 2012

Rhodes: Angry Greeks Attack Politicians with Yogurt and Water (videos)

Rhodes: Angry Greeks Attack Politicians with Yogurt and Water (videos)

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The atmosphere was tense even before the start of the traditional parade to celebrate the historic unification of the Dodecanese islands to Rhodes and Greece. A group of angry citizens had taken place opposite of the VIP platform. The protesters chanted insults and swears against the local politicians, including one from conservative Nea Demokratia, coalition partner of Papademos government, and two independent members of the parliament. Some police squad were safeguarding the politicians, until the protesters broke through, came close and hurled yogurt and bottles of water.

Video: Politicians leave through the stairs
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The parade was interrupted for twenty minutes. It resumed, however the politicians had left the area climbing the stairs of the historic castle, fearing the worst.
 Video: Angry citizens complain about decreased wages and pensions
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The citizens remained complaining and swearing. Some were holding banners saying “We were under Italy’s occupation, now we are under the banks occupation”.
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 Greeks’ anger against politicians who brought the country to this dire situation and harsh austerity against citizens is immense. Verbal or yogurt attacks take place at every occasion. Preferable during parades.
The big question is whether any politician will dare appear at the 25th March parades, that mark the Independence of Greece from the Turkish occupation.

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