Friday, 9 March 2012

Introducing the Greek Museums Portal and iPhone App

Konstantinos Gkourloumenos, a museum enthusiast and computer engineer, has developed a new innovative iPhone/iPad application called “Greek Museums”, aimed at helping mostly tourists visiting Greece find their ways to any museum within a range of 50km.

The application displays all available museums in relation to your current position, providing information such as exact location of the museum, the distance in meters from your current location, opening hours, address, email, contact numbers, the website of each museum (if available) and a Google map with directions. The app provides filters in order to limit the search, such as the Search range which can be between 100m and 50km from your current location and the Museum categories from which you can choose to display museums by topic such as archaeological, historical, visual arts, etc.
Especially in the case of Athens, Google has collaborated with the Public Means of Transport of the capital, so that the application can guide the user directly and accurately to the stops or means of transports stops they have to use.
There are three types of views for displaying the museums, the Camera View (AR) which is the default, the Map View and the List View. The application runs with a database server transmitting information in real time.
The online portal serves in updating the museums and relating information in real time without having to update the app itself.
Mr. Gkourloumenos has worked for a year on the museum app, gathering information on the latitude and longitude of all museums across Greece (about 400 in number). To simplify as much as possible the application, the user needs only to press to buttons to receive the desired information.
The Augmented Reality app displays information only when you are in Greece, so you can buy it only if you are visiting or you plan to visit Greece.
You can watch the application on Apple iTunes Stores at, or visit the website offering the app for free

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