Saturday, 31 March 2012

Greek Survey: “No Sex, We have Austerity…”

Greek Survey: “No Sex, We have Austerity…”

This is one of the most tragic impacts of the loan agreements between Greece and its lenders on the debt-ridden society. Memorandum I and II seems to have triggered a dramatic ‘haircut’ in the sexual life of the Greeks. Sharp decrease of libido apparently goes hand in hand with the sharp increase of unemployment. 34% of the Greeks refrain from sex according to a survey conducted by ALCO for the Institute of Human Sexuality and Andrology. Less sex, fewer marriages and more adultery are the results of the survey conducted between 22-29 February 2012 in Attica prefectures among 600 men and women aged 25-64 years old.
30% of the respondants stated that the economic crisis have a big influence on their sexual life. 34% said that the frequency of their sexual intercourse has decreased in the last three months and 46% said that the economic crisis has an impact in the intimacy life between partners within or outside marriage..
Sex, Political Beliefs and Revolt against Institutions

Only 33% of the respondents voting for left parties said their sexual life was influenced by the economic crisis, while right sentiment or better say “libido” was influenced at 58%.
 30% of the male respondents and 27% of the female admited to have committed adultery due to family problems caused by the economic crisis. Partner infidelity is highest at the age group 55-64.  It looks as if traditional and moral values collapse parallel to the collapse of the state and institutions. And many Greeks are in a revolting mood….

“Marriage can wait” said 76% of the respondents. The feelings that prevail are “uncertainty” 61%, “rage” at 50% and “frustration” at 35%.
Friendship seems to be the only value that prevails amid the storm of the economic crisis.
PS What we learn from this survey? That Austerity has killed the libido as well….

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