Monday, 26 March 2012

Greek Parade Protester: “It’s as if we are living under who knows what kind of regime…”

Thousands of police force units guarded the streets across central Athens on Sunday, the 25th of March, 2012, as the military parade was taking place, in order to mark the Independence Day of 1821.
For the first time ever, the public was strictly banned from a large part of this route, including the area in front of the Greek Parliament where politicians and other officials were situated to watch the ceremony.
Under normal circumstances, thousands of people are lined up in the main streets of central Athens to watch the military parade, which marks Greece’s uprising against the Ottoman Empire in 1821.
Public anger has grown as the government has imposed yet again more spending cuts and tax hikes during a severe financial crisis. On a similar manner the OXI national day was called off due to the protests.

Nikolas Blezas – one of the protesters – said ” Look what we’ve come to” holding up a picture of one of Greece’s revolution heroes…”It’s as if we are living under who knows what kind of regime…”
The same protests took place in various cities throughout Greece on Sunday including Thessaloniki, Larissa, Patra and others.
If only Kolokotronis was alive today…
The time has definitely come for all Greeks to wake up and realize who we really are and behave accordingly at all levels!

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