Thursday, 22 March 2012

Greek-American Twin Band HelenaMaria Release New Music Video “Knockout”

Helena and Maria Mihalis
Helena and Maria MehalisGreek-American identical twin sisters Helena and Maria Mihalis just finished their music video called “Knockout”. The video was directed by June Park and produced by HelenaMaria and June Park.
HelenaMaria is an American indie pop-rock group originally from New Jersey. Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Helena and Maria grew up in a self described “free-spirited” environment promoting artistic expression. Since the age of 4 they took classical piano lessons and sang in their church choir. Also at the age of 4 they landed their first national commercial, later becoming members of the Screen Actors Guild.
Helena and Maria are identical twins, however Helena is right-handed and plays guitar fretting on the left hand and strumming on the right, while Maria is left-handed and plays it the opposite.
Helena and Maria write songs to reflect their life experiences. Maria explains: “Life experiences inspire me, but it’s also observations of what others are going through, which could be completely irrelevant to my life, that somehow affect me, as well as my sister.”

Musically their skills on the piano and guitar are nearly identical, but they maintain that their songwriting style and vocals are slightly different.
In 2006, Helena and Maria recorded their first album, “Serene”, consisting of all original material.
Throughout 2009 and 2010, HelenaMaria have released cover versions and videos of popular songs for release on iTunes MP3 download and for viewing on YouTube. One of these videos to date has garnered attention from television and radio personality Ryan Seacrest. Helena and Maria also appeared together as actresses on Season 3 of “Gossip Girl”. They subsequently made at least 2 other small appearances on the show.
The group has received great attention on youtube where their videos have received close to 18,000,000 views.
Watch their latest music video below and let us know what you think in our comments section:

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