Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cypriots Sent 6 Tons of Food Supplies to Trikala

The Cypriots once again expressed their sympathy for the Greek people that are experiencing a tough period. This time, the incredible quantity of 6 tons of food supplies arrived at the warehouses of the railway station of the city of Trikala, sent by the Community of Pachna for the citizens of the Municipality of Trikala.
The Mayor of Trikala, Christos Lappas, said in his statements that the food will be given to poor local families in need, after having been placed on the shelves of the “Social Grocery Store”, that is about to start with its charity work by Easter.
It’s worth remembering that a “food-raising campaign” for the malnourished Greeks was recently organized in every school of Cyprus, and that the famous football team APOEL expressed their support to the Greek people in practice.
(Story by Inga Athanasiadou)

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