Thursday, 15 March 2012

Australian Museum To Welcome Alexander The Great

(Original Story in Greek By Inga Athanasiadou)
‘Alexander the Great: 2000 years of treasures’ exhibition will be presented at the Australian Museum of Sydney.
According to an announcement on the museum’s website, it is the largest collection of treasures ever to come to Australia.
The exhibition includes over 400 objects from classical antiquity to the modern age from both Western and non-Western origins, spanning a period of almost 2500 years.
The collection comes from the world famous State Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Alexander the Great came to the throne in 336 BC, and during his reign built the largest empire in history spanning from Greece to the Indus River in India. This exhibition is a great asset to the City of Sydney and Australia with the potential to provide great benefits for the tourism industry.
The exhibition is exclusive to the Australian Museum in Sydney and will open starting November 24, 2012 for a limited time. The rare exhibition is expected to attract visitors both nationally and internationally to Sydney.

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