Tuesday, 20 March 2012

70-Year-Old Man Opens Fire in Tax Office of Agia Paraskevi

The citizens that were “lucky” enough to visit the tax office of Agia Paraskevi at a suburb of Athens on Monday morning were confronted with a chaotic incident, when an angry senior entered the premises and started shooting around with a rifle.
Panicked employees and tax payers fled to the roof of the building to escape the man’s outrage, others blocked the office entrances with furniture items.  The seventy-year-old man had entered the tax office shouting and claiming he was seeking some documents concerning real estate in his ownership.
He moved from the second to the third floor of the building, then to the fourth floor, where he appeared holding a rifle. He started shooting towards the ceiling. Nobody was injured, but quite some employees and citizens left the building in a state of shock.

Police rushed to the scene and succeeded in arresting the man about an hour later, after encouraging him to drop his weapon. The perpetrator is now being held in a police station, where police are carrying out a preliminary investigation.
According to an eyewitness, the man probably tried to take hostages. Mega TV reported that the man told the police that he had debts to the state, and that one plot he owned was about to be confiscated. The same broadcaster reported also that the man was carrying a self-made hand grenade and he had a bag full of hand-made explosive devices.

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