Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Vasso Papandreou urges national salvation govt-Milena Apostolaki goes independent

The government is shaking

PASOK’s parliamentary group is in turmoil yet again as Mrs Milena Apostolaki with a two-page letter to the president of the parliament Filippos Petsalnikos announced her resignation from the leading party.

In her letter she explains she is against a referendum and supports that such a governmental move would mean further problems for the country.

She also wrote that the policy the premier is following divides the Greek people and believes that the way the leadership is using the national institutions as a tool to achieve its goals is unaccepted.

At the same time, Papandreou fears further decline of his party with his present majority standing at 152 MPs.

After the negative articles both in the Greek and foreign press, the premier called for a meeting of the government committee this afternoon.

According to not even the Finance minister and vice president of the government Evangelos Venizelos knew something about the prime minister’s intention to call a referendum.

Many are now the ones “eyeing” the former president of the party and ex-premier of Greece, Costas Simitis, saying he should take over at this difficult time and push him to do so. 

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