Saturday, 12 November 2011

Drums of war in PASOK

President and Venizelos supporters and the troika dead set

“Finance ministry is the vanguard of this effort”, underlined Venizelos during the new ministerial council. The use of the word ‘vanguard’ clearly shows the feelings of the government’s vice-president.

Already since last Wednesday night when he had a quarrel with Papandreou, his commitment to PASOK president was that the two have unfinished business. MPs who are supporting Venizelos such as Demetris Lintzeris have begun talking of change of leadership and sources want Costas Skandalidis and Michalis Chrysochoidis on his side.

Loverdos, Ragoussis, Diamantopoulou and Mossialos have also teamed up with Ragoussis –now alternate minister of Defence- saying that, “during this crucial time, offices have no importance. We are obliged to show our unconditional support to the government.”

Former governmental took the next step and through his facebook page he said, “I have previously said that I will continue participating in the parliamentary procedures and being a PASOK member in the framework of the broader support of the centre-left  ideas and the political liberalism. Soon, through a web platform we will all have the chance to exchange views on the course of Greece and that of the centre-left movement.”

Papandreou supporter Demetris Reppas also commented on the one way ticket Greece has in its hands stressing that, “the country’s reconstruction is a single direction street both for the new premier and the government… Whoever is thinking of  his/her own future is limiting the horizon of the government’s efforts and goals.”

Lastly, Harris Castanidis said that, “now that I am freed from my governmental status I will try to contribute to the formation of the policy the country needs and help reform the political scenery, especially the one of the centre-left.”

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