Saturday, 12 November 2011

Almost 10,000 illegal immigrants crossed the Evros border in October

Security guards at Evros border send mayday
All security guards of the Greek northern borders with Turkey, in Evros are signaling the imminent reality of the mounting illegal immigration in an effort to open the eyes of the Greek officials and even with a last minute solution manage to stave off the tragic consequences of the problem. They have said that the present policies have only led to making Greece the number one destination for future illegal immigrants from all over Asia and Africa. For the moment, at one point they are called illegal migrants and the next thing you know they receive a permit.

The Union of border guards present data according to which in October alone, 9,700 illegal immigrants entered the country, saying in their announcement that the present policies have turned them into “nurturers, nurses, and ID publishers.”

“The image of the towns and villages of the area is a shameful one. Something must be down for the situation to change since the present reality causes to our prefecture and the country as a whole problems and nothing but that…. People must realize that the problem concerns Europe as a whole, not just Greece”.

The Union awaits the direct and drastic measures of the state in order to fight the existing plague and the flood of the incoming illegal immigrants”.

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